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Make the most of every website visitor using our Snapshot Reports (including a Heatmap, Scrollmap, and 3 other reports), Visitor Recordings, and A/B Testing Tools.

Show Me My Heatmap

Increase conversions with the traffic you already have by finding opportunities for improvement and then acting on them. Watch as we analyze real customers' websites and Snapshots in real time so you can get actionable UX advice. 

Save My Spot For The Next Website Teardown

In-depth walkthroughs on each of our features.

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Get started with Crazy Egg and learn exactly how to hit the ground running with your set up and analysis. 

Installing Crazy Egg

Setting Up Snapshots

Touring Your Snapshots Dashboard

Analyzing Your Snapshot Reports

Setting Up Visitor Recordings

Touring Your Recordings Dashboard

Analyzing Your Visitor Recordings

Creating A/B Tests

Touring Your A/B Test Results

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