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Crazy Egg for Agencies

Win business. Retain business. Build trust and keep it. Equip your team to provide customers with data-backed recommendations that are comprehensive, compelling and undeniable.  

Since 2005 our website optimization tools have been the secret sauce helping hundreds of agencies and hundreds of thousands of individual websites 

I'm Ready to Win and Retain Clients!
Building Businesses with Agencies

Crazy Egg for Agencies Supports you When your Customers Turn to you

Website Beta Test

Site Launches Early Access. Beta. And FTW! 

Visitor Data Analysis

Visitor Analysis Referrals. Clicks. And Engagement. 

User Experience Audit

UX/UI Audits User Context. User Journeys. User Experiences. 

Data Driven Designs

Customer Analysis Qualitative or Qualitative. Implied or Observed. 

Validating A/B Test Results

Testing A/B Testing. Multi-Variate Testing.

Crazy Egg Snapshot Reports - Heatmap Scrollmap Confetti

Get the Data in Detail Exportable heatmaps, scrollmaps, referral traffic and audience demographic reports help you identify problem areas, find missed opportunities for your clients, and assess whether your design changes have had a positive impact in user behavior

Crazy Egg Visitor Recordings

Fill in the Gaps Between Data Points Shareable user session recordings let you tag website usability issues and find out where people are getting stuck so you can present actionable solutions. Survey responses help you ask explicit questions where observational data isn't enough.  

Pick Your Plan
Crazy Egg Integrations

Integrations like Wix, WordPress, SquareSpace and Shopify make it easy to get your clients set up

Track Unlimited Sites

Track an unlimited number of customer domains for as little as $49/mo 

Add Team Members

Add team members and manage permissions from your dashboard with no increase in costs or admin  

Export your data

Export reports and data for easy sharing with customers or reconciliation across other analytics tools

Girl jumping in success

Google Analytics shows you what people are doing on your clients’ sites. Crazy Egg will show you why, in seconds

We make it easy to share user behavior insights and back your design decisions up with data from day one. 

The result? Quickly getting buy-in from key stakeholders and speeding up the approval process.

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